Gone Girl Trailer/Book Review

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Gone Girl

Recently, the first trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl was released. I read the book last year and wrote a review for it. Here it is followed by my thoughts on the trailer.

At first, Gone Girl may seem like any typical mystery, it soon becomes apparent it is not. It is a lot better than that. Published in June 2012 and written by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is a great thrilling twist filled mystery that is also darkly funny.

Gone Girl is about Nick and Amy as they are approaching their 5th anniversary of being married. Their marriage is rough as they were initially living in New York but Nick got laid off from his magazine job and had to move home to Missouri to care for his ill parents. The morning of the anniversary, Amy disappears. Nick has to find her with the help of the town and police while also solving the yearly anniversary treasure hunt Amy laid out. This alternates with Amy’s diary about the previous 5 years and their ups and downs.

Gone Girl is a great novel. It throws new twists into the story frequently and will keep you guessing about what is going to happen. It may seem obvious where the story is headed but then it will take an unexpected twist and change. These twists are what keep the book at the high quality level. They also develop the characters more and show their true characters and their depth. The characters are very well written and have many layers that are revealed. This is yet another strength of the book.

 It also keeps the events moving at a good pace besides part 1. Part 1 is slower and more like a usual crime thriller. That is not bad as the book is still good but not as good and engrossing  as the rest. The rest is fantastic and well paced with twists throughout. There is also a layer of dark humor that is prevalent that really works. This dark humor comes from what the characters will do and do to achieve their goals. It also comes from the dialogue.

There is also some great commentary on how the media affects types of cases. The media ranges from TV talk shows to social media and how that can affect public opinion unfairly with unfair verdicts and judgments due to TV law shows and what that does to the people involved. Overall, Gone Girl is a great dark twist filled darkly funny well written mystery.  I give Gone Girl a gone A-.

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The trailer seems to be exactly like the book. It is a fantastic trailer with great cinematography. While at first, the song seems off, it makes sense establishing the tone. If the story looks generic or the last shot of Amy looks like a giant spoiler, don’t worry.

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