South Park : The Stick of Truth Review

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South Park : The Stick of Truth Review

South Park : The Stick of Truth is fantastic and one of the best games of 2014 so far. It’s hysterical and feels like an episode of the show with the animation and writing. The town is realized in a large open world and the combat is very fun. In the vein of the show, there are almost non-stop pop culture refrences and jokes and spoofs and satire of video game cliches.

In South Park : The Stick of Truth, you play as a new kid who just moved into South Park. When you leave your house, you encounter and save Butters. He befriends you and takes you to Kupa Keep where the Grand Wizard Cartman resides. You then go through several tutorials of combat, choose your class, name your character, and get your first weapon. Cartman then shows you the Stick of Truth. Then the Elves attack and you must defend the Stick. During the battle, the Elves steal the Stick and the Humans must get it back from the Elves.

South Park : The Stick of Truth is a great game. What helps is the fact that it was written by Trey Stone and Matt Parker. Due to this, the game feels like a long episode of South Park. With that, there are tons of nods to the show, pop culture jokes and a satire of video game cliches. The animation style is also exactly the same as the show. Exploring the town and seeing all the locations from the show is also a lot of fun. There is a lot of exploration especially in the first few hours. The town is huge and it takes time to get to the mission objective. Luckily, there is a fast travel system that is unlocked as the flags are found.

Besides the exploration, combat is very fun. The style of combat is a turn based RPG where each of your party members attack and then your foes do the same thing. It is not just press a button and do an attack. There is a good level of interaction that keeps it from being boring. It’s consistently engaging and fun.

The writing is the best part of this game though. Written by Trey Stone and Matt Parker, the writing is just as sharp as the show and is hysterical. This is easily the funniest game of 2014 so far. There are pop culture references and other jokes constantly and there are also satircal jokes about video games. There are also tons of references to the show with friends, missions and items. The references range from the very beginning to very recently.

The pop-culture references and jokes function just like the show does. Your quest log with your inventory, abilites and party members is an obvious parody of Facebook. There are also other references thrown in with dialogue and quests. What is one of the best parts of the writing are the jokes and satire on video games. There are numerous game referecences and jokes including one combat mechanic that is a direct and hysterical parody of another fantastic and popular game. There also many satrical jokes about video game mechanics and culture. They make fun of the cliches and it is absolutley hysterical. Overall, South Park : The Stick of Truth is rated M for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Mature Humor, Nudity, Srtong Language, Strong Sexual Content and Violence. I give South Park : The Stick of Truth a sticky A.

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