Frank Review

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Frank Review

eef1da3d488bd6ab24447aad765f51efFrom the trailer, Frank had the potential to be very great or very wierd. From the opening moments, Frank is fantastic and unlike any other movie I’ve seen recently. The direction and the script is excellent as is the cast. It’s hysterical and emotional, completley original and is one of my favorite movies of the year so far.

Frank follows Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), a struggling musician trying to write a new song. One day, he happens upon a band called Soronprfbs when their keyboardist is trying to drown himself. Don (Scoot McNairy) asks Jon if he can play and Jon says he can and he goes to play with them that night. While there he encounters Frank (Micheal Fassbender), the lead singer with a paper machte head and Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal). They play but the equipment breaks and the show ends. Later, Jon gets a call fron Don inviting him to join the group and Jon goes with them to a cabin in Ireland to record a new album. All the while he is posting on Twitter and social media about them.

Frank manages all of it’s elements fantastically. From it’s humor to it’s dramatic elements, Frank fires on all cylinders. The best part is the writing though. For the first 2/3rd’s, Frank is hysterical. The band is very weird as are it’s members and their creative process is very fun to watch. There is also a social media aspect of it that works as well. The transition between the comedic first 2 acts and the thematic and sad final act is handled very well with a good level of emotional content. The tone shift does not feel jarring but natural as the story progresses. This also works because of the strong direction. With another director, this could have felt very jarring and weakned the movie. But luckily, the director makes it work adding to the quality of the movie.

The key piece to making this all work is the cast. They are fantastic. Micheal Fassbender is excellent with the giant head on his head only using his body for great physical comedy. Gyllenhaal is biting as the vicious guitar player and has some of the best comedic lines including one fantastic scene with Glesson that is unexpected and hilarious. McNairy is fantastic as the band manager and Gleeson is hilarious as the new member of the very odd band. Overall, Frank is hysterical, emotional, contains an excellent cast and is bolstered by a very strong script.

Frank has not been rated yet by the MPAA as it does not open in the US till the end of August. It will probably get an R for strong language, thematic elements and several others items. I give Frank an odd A.

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