Godzilla (2014) Review

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Godzilla (2014) Review

godzilla-imax-poster-205x300Godzilla is fantastic. The visual effects and CGI is excellent, the score is pulsating and the large scale set pieces are incredibly fun to watch. This is all backed by a strong cast.

Godzilla starts with an incident at a nuclear power plant in 1999. Inside is Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) and his wife Sandra Brody ( Juliette Binoche) and scientists Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanbe) and Vivenne Graham (Sally Hawkins). During this incident, Sandra is killed and Joe becomes determined to figure out the truth. 15 years later, Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor Johnson) is returning home from war to his wife Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) but is called to retrive his father from Japan. His father , who is living in Japan,  was arrested near his old house in a restricted area. They sneak back in and while there an incident occurs that triggers several things to happen that the scientists, the Brody’s and military must solve.(I am trying not to give away too much of the plot)

One of the best aspects of Godzilla is the visual effects and CGI. Godzilla’s design and look is much more like the original and unlike the 1998 version. His reveal is excellent and his roar sounds fantastic as well. The buildup to the reveal is handled well as are the numerous other buildups for several other scenes teasing what is to come later. These buildups also work for the pace. The pacing is consistent throughout and does not slow down in any of the acts. The other visuals besides Godzilla work as well. The aftermath of destruction and ruin looks realistic and the destruction during the chaos does as well.

The direction is another great apsect of Godzilla. Edwards does a fantastic job directing the aformentioned ruin and devestation. There are also some standout sequences including the HALO jump with an superb combination of direction and effects. Edwards also does an excellent job with the action scenes. Unlike some other action scenes, there is no shaky cam and the full size and scope of the battles is evident. There is also a great score that pulsates during these scenes adding energy to the epic action.

The technical aspects are not the only good things about Godzilla. The cast is good as well. The standout is Bryan Cranston who is fantastic and emotional. Elizabeth Olsen is great as well and Johnson is good in the lead. Overall, Godzilla is a fantastic sci-fi monster movie with great technical aspects, direction and cast.

Godzilla is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence. I give Godzilla a roaring A.

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