22 Jump Street Review

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22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street21 Jump Street was a very fun movie. 22 Jump Street is a very fun sequel that contains some of the funniest scenes of the year. There is also a strong level of meta (self-referential or making fun of it’s self)  humor that works very well but does get tiring and it’s all backed by a fantastic cast.

22 Jump Street opens with a recap of 21 Jump Street as if 21 was the first season of a TV show and 22 is the second. After a botched drug take down, Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) end up back in the office of Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) who sends them to 22 Jump Street . They are once again under the command of Captain Dickinson (Ice Cube) who gives them the assignment of infiltrating a local college to find a new drug and then find the dealer and supplier. They are given the same identities and as their infiltration gets deeper, Jenko and Schmidt start to have relationship problems.

22 Jump Street is hysterical. The chemistry between Hill and Tatum remains fantastic. The development of their relationship is very funny as well with the subtext present throughout many scenes. Another contributing factor is the writing. The writers are not afraid to make fun of themselves, sequels and movies in general. These jokes work and differentiate 22 from other comedy sequels. They are constant and eventually get repetitive but it works for the point that the writers are trying to make. The meta humor also leads to a sequence that is hilarious that makes fun of sequels. However, some of the funniest scenes of the year so far are not because of the meta humor.

They are because of the other aspects of the writing and cast. The rest of the writing is great as well besides the meta humor. It is very funny and very silly and just like the original, it is also crude.  The jokes are consistent and constantly hit. There is one sub-plot/character relationship that is unexpected and provides some of the best comedic scenes of the year.

The cast is also fantastic. As mentioned above, the chemistry between Tatum and Hill is excellent. They are hilarious together and sell some of the more ridiculous script choices. Ice Cube is very funny in a role that is much larger than the original and much funnier. The rest of the supporting cast is strong as well making for a great comedic ensemble. Overall, 22 Jump Street is a strong comedic sequel with a clever level of meta humor backed by a strong cast.

22 Jump Street is rated R for language throughout, sexual content, drug material, brief nudity and some violence. I give 22 Jump Street a jumping A-.

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